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Get Behind the Wheel with GB Driving

Learning to drive can be a fun and rewarding experience. GB Driving can help you to get behind the wheel with skill and confidence.

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Alice, passed her test on
2nd November 2023


Meet Your Instructor

Giles Blanch of GB Driving is a patient, knowledgeable and highly experienced driving instructor.

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Useful Links

Discover a range of useful links to help you learn to drive.

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Customer Testimonials

We recognise that all students learn at a different pace. See what previous customers have to say about GB Driving

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GB Driving offers great rates on all lessons. Read our price list here.

Find the Road to Freedom with Our Driving School in Crawley

Learning to drive is an important rite of passage for young people and a major milestone on the journey to becoming an adult. For adult learners, having a driver’s license can open up new career opportunities. All learner drivers will benefit from the sense of freedom and independence that having your driving license brings.

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No matter what your age or your skill level, GB Driving can help you to gain the confidence and abilities you need to pass your driving test with flying colours. Our driving school in Crawley provides tailored driving lessons from a highly experienced instructor. We can offer lessons that fit in with your schedule at the pace which you are most comfortable with. Contact GB Driving today to book your first lesson!

Please note: GB Driving is currently following all UK government instructions regarding the Covid19 Coronavirus crisis. The health and safety of our students are of utmost concern. For now, we are waiting on advice as to when we can resume lessons. Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries, or to put your name on the future students' list.

A Better Way to Learn to Drive

Learning to drive doesn’t have to be a stressful struggle! GB Driving offers you stress-free driving lessons from a highly experienced driving instructor. Our driving school in Crawley offers lessons with a range of durations — you can choose to take 2 hour lessons, 1 and ½ hour lessons, or 1 hour lessons. GB Driving covers the Horsham to East Grinstead and Crawley to Burgess Hill areas.

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Passed on 25th October 2023

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Passed on 24th October 2019

Call 07814 476809 to enquire about booking a driving lesson today.

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