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Learn to Drive with An Experienced, Friendly Driving Instructor in Crawley


Introducing Your Driving Instructor: Giles Blanch

Giles Blanch is an experienced, friendly driving instructor who  offers lessons under GB Driving in Crawley and the surrounding areas. Giles’ aim is to get you to a safe level of driving and give you the skills and confidence to be ready for your driving test. Giles provides tailored lessons at your pace, as some stages of driving will come to you easier than other stages. It is all about working as a team to achieve the best end result. GB Driving welcomes feedback about your worries and concerns to help you go forward. If required, Giles will work closely with your friends and family to help you attain your driver’s license.

GB Driving offers 2 hour lessons, 1 and ½ hour lessons, or 1 hour lessons. The length of a lesson depends on your concentration level and how you wish to make the most of the lesson. If you find a 2 hour lesson is too long, you can try 1 and 1/2 hours instead. Depending on your age and ability, it could take between 40 hours and 100 hours to get your license.

If you wish, Giles can pick you up from work, home or school (within reasonable distance).

GB Driving covers the Horsham to East Grinstead and Crawley to Burgess Hill areas.

Highly Experienced Instructor

Giles Blanch of GB Driving is an experienced, friendly driving instructor who can help you pass your driving test with no stress.

Flexible Lessons

You can arrange driving lessons at times that best fit your schedule and decide how long you want the lessons to be.

Learn at Your Own Pace

GB Driving will tailor the pace of your driving lessons so that you always feel comfortable and confident when behind the wheel.

Call 07814 476809 to book your first driving lesson today!

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